FAQ´S (Frequently Asked Questions)

-What is the work methodology on the grounds?

A few centimetres of soil is removed and processed to separate lead shot from soil. This process is carried out using mainly manual and or light mechanical equipment. You can decide how you want us to work based on your concerns and needs.

Soil that has already been cleaned is immediately replaced while lead shot is deposited in containers or bags for its later transfer.

– Does our club have to change its shooting schedules?

Not in any way. While the cleaning work is underway, we fully adapt to your shooting schedules.

-How long does the cleaning work take?

The time required depends on the size of facilities and the availability of working hours depending on your shooting schedules.

Generally speaking, a small outdoor shooting club or indoor range requires between one and two weeks to complete the clean-up work. Larger clubs may require two or three months of work.

– More questions?

All you have to do is call or send us an email.

We are a company dedicated exclusively to this field and our goal is to do the best possible work so that all shooting clubs end up satisfied with our services.

Please feel free to ask us for our references and we will provide you with more information.