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About us

PLOMB & ECOLOGIC is the leader company in Europe in the collection and recycling of lead in outdoor and indoor shooting facilities.

Our aim is to support shooting clubs in natural soil maintenance and provide environmental protection through a totally free service of collection, transfer and recycling of lead from bullets and lead shot which have been deposited in the soil in shooting facilities.

PLOMB & ECOLOGIC began its activities in 2012 with the objective of becoming the pioneering company in lead collection and decontamination in shooting ranges

Since then we have worked in more than 250 shooting facilities, public and private, in Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Luxemburg, with more than 4,000 tons recovered from outdoor and indoor shooting facilities.

Recogida de plomo
Reciclaje de plomo
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collected until today

250 shooting facilities

treated until today

Cleaning process

PLOMB & ECOLOGIC follows the following steps during the process of cleaning and decontamination of ammunition and lead shot in outdoor and indoor shooting facilities.

Visit to the facilities
Extraction and screening
Final lead shot cleaning
Soil Replacement

Benefits for shooting ranges

  • PLOMB & ECOLOGIC delivers a CERTIFICATE OF COLLECTION AND TREATMENT of lead in order to be able to validate the cleaning process before any public or private
  • Financial income proportional to the amount of collected lead
  • Maintenance and conservation of the natural conditions of the land’s surface in the long term.
  • Project an improved public image, with clean and proactive facilities regarding environment.