Benefits for shooting ranges

  • PLOMB & ECOLOGIC delivers a CERTIFICATE OF COLLECTION AND TREATMENT of lead in order to be able to validate the cleaning process before any public or private.
  • Financial income proportional to the amount of collected lead
  • Maintenance and conservation of the natural conditions of the land’s surface in the long term.
  • Project an improved public image, with clean and proactive facilities regarding environment.
  • Reduce the risk of damages from potential ricochets.

Quality of service

Decontamination work from lead shot and bullets is cost free for the clubs; quite the opposite, it can generate extra income for the shooting club proportional to the total amount of lead recovered.

Lead collection will take place on those days and hours which will not interfere with your shooting schedules.    You will be able to use your facilities as usual while the clean-up work is in progress.

Each club is unique and different from others, that is why PLOMB & ECOLOGIC provides customised work based on the specificities of your shooting club. Prior to the collection work the grounds will be analysed and we will offer you the best solution for your needs to proceed to the cleaning of the areas containing lead waste

Our highest priority is to achieve the full satisfaction of each one of our clients and to help them in the maintenance and conservation of the shooting areas.

We always work following the requests and guidelines of the shooting clubs, and we guarantee a selective decontamination from lead, leaving the ground in even better conditions than before the clean-up work.

Our work methods, machinery, tools and processes are used with absolute respect to environment and vegetation, always following the guidelines of our customers.

Do you think that the conditions of your ground make lead recovery impossible?
  • Do not worry, our team will find the best solutions to be able to carry out an effective collection of the bullets and/or lead shot. Thanks to our experienced staff and our versatility we are able to adapt to any type of ground and perform the clean-up work in areas that seem completely inaccessible.
Are you worried about the landscape after the removal of lead?
  • You don’t have to worry; all clubs concur on their satisfaction at the end of work and on the professionalism of our team. Please feel free to contact us and we can give you the appropriate references.